Help on Blender 2.93

Hello guys.

I’m Dino (@TuxedoDevelopment and I’m a gfx artist. I found a issue on blender 2.93 and I need help to fix it.

I import a rig model on blender with a wavefront object (.obj file) and when I click on the texture file, is look like the images down bellow (same thing for when I rendler the image).

I really need help because I’m scared than I don’t know if I should work again in blender 2.93, because is do that error.

Thanks for the reading!


I removed “(Urgent)” from your title because it’s unnecessary.

It looks like your normals are inverted. Recalculate your normals by selecting the problem objects (the rigs, not the other stuff around them), going to Edit mode, select all the faces, press Alt + N, and click Recalculate Outside. If this doesn’t work, please provide more info.

This question has been answered dozens of times. Please use the search function before making a thread :slight_smile:


Thanks. But this isn’t working… I did all the things you said, but is do the same error…

Hey @OverjoyedSonicFire4!


This question has been asked many times before and I’ve made a post answering this.



However that previous post missed a crucial step, so let me write them all down for you and walk you through it with visuals!


Context: This error happens because of the Material Properties > Settings. Your character texture usually formatted by your username if you created your model by duplicating your character in a play test. It’ll look like this “Bloodspring1 Mtl” Keep that in mind for now.

Step 1: Export your ROBLOX avatar.

  • File > Advanced > Export as OBJ.
    Step 2: Import your ROBLOX avatar into blender.
  • File > Import > Wavefront (obj.)

When importing, it’ll look like this!

Now you’re looking for this


Make sure to have both split by object and group so the individual limbs are imported as their own objects, making them easier to move.

End of the tip

Step 3: Finding your character material.

  • Once imported, your character should be greyed out. To see your material go to your Viewport shader icon to see the material.
    It should look like this: 180942665280e5f13c30e83fb114b909
    Now if you followed the steps, your character will still look like this:

Step 4: Going to the materials properties c31224f429f93e683f5fcb6744f1b4be

Step 5: Look for your character’s texture. It’ll be named like how I described earlier.
Here’s how it’ll look:

Step 6: Once you have your character texture selected, scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN and select “Settings”.
Here’s how it’ll look:

Step 7: (You’re done now!)
Change Alpha Blend to Alpha clipped.


I tried my best to be thorough, definitely feel that you should continue your journey and fully learn blender. The program is amazing and the community behind it is extraordinary. I hope I helped, if you have any questions at all you can reply to this message or DM me through my DevForum profile!

Thanks for reading!

Hope I helped!


Hi @OverjoyedSonicFire4!

I have some ways to help you.


• Did you happen to paste everything from Roblox Studio if you started off with it at first?

• Are you new using Blender 2.93? I have never heard of it but I will try to help you!

• Did you happen to have any issues with pasting it into Blender?

Ways to fix

  1. Try clicking the two people that’s heads are gone. Try seeing if it’s transparent in the textures if not then check the Roblox Studio and look inside the head file to see if there is anything suspicious that could be causing the problem like scripts & codes maybe. Then go back to blender and try looking at it and seeing if there aren’t anythings saying that it’s turned off.

Other than that try seeing youtube videos it should help you get better at using Blender 2.93!

Hey @Pure_Bacn,

This is completely wrong, geometry/ vertice count does not change the transparency properties in the material. Deleting or clearing extra geometry doesn’t do that either, even worse that could deform the way the texture is wrapped moving forward.

Please do your due diligence next time before posting, thanks!

@BloodSpring I’m not a blender expert nor am I a modeler. I just thought his meshes were clipping, and because I ran into the problem before I tried to help, but if its not clipping then I will delete my post.

Thank you so much dude! Really appreciated! ^w^