Help on BodyGyro

I know it sounds silly, but I have been trying to figure out how BodyGyro works but I can’t figure it out. I have read this article: BodyGyro | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
but I am still clueless.

Could someone please describe it to me how it works in a more simplistic way (and also the different properties D, P, and MaxTorque)? If you could that would be very much appreciated :grinning:!

The wiki gives the simplest explanations written by very experienced developers. If you don’t understand it, there’s no simpler explanation. Nevertheless, what I can say is try experimenting with it. You’ll eventually get to know what everything does through your own experience. That’s the best way to learn bodymovers, or anything to do with physics.

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If you could be more specific about what’s confusing to you, I’m sure we could help. Otherwise, I’m not sure we can say anything that isn’t said on the Wiki page.

Probably the most helpful detail in the wiki page about BodyGyros is the following quote:

Essentially, it’s the rotational counterpart to a BodyPosition.

While a BodyPosition will apply a force to reach a goal position, a BodyGyro will apply a torque (the rotational analog of force) to reach a goal orientation (specified by a CFrame). The parameters P, D, and MaxTorque describe how the BodyGyro will apply this torque.


What do you mean by “counterpart to a BodyPosition”?
What is counterpart and what is BodyPosition?

After a lot of hours trying to figure it out and experimenting, (oh my goodness it is so simple how did I not figure this out earlier!) I have done it.