Help on building

Hello Developers!

I am quite new to this DevForum and I need your help!
I want to make a Battle Royale game but I need help with the buildings!
Please give me tips as I am out of ideas.

Thanks for reading!:smiley:

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Please be a little more specific next time, as “the buildings” isn’t very easy to decode.
What kind of buildings are you talking about?
Detailed? Low detail? Realistic? Modern? Futuristic? Old? There’s many different takes here.

However, I will provide some tips I do know in general.
Create Templates! You will not believe how much stress it saves you. If you create a few templates, it will help you. If you don’t like the idea of having multiple buildings that look the same, small changes here and there wouldn’t hurt.
Be aware of low-end users. A lot of games I see sometimes do not get many players because of the lag they give for lower performing users. Realism is cool if you do it right, but sometimes less parts can be good. This puts us at the next one,
Careful of cutting corners. You can avoid certain things and details pretty easily if you try. Instead of making more buildings, create a skybox with some buildings in the background. Do be careful though, if you do this the wrong way, it can look bad.
Make sure to stay inspired. Motivation is very important when making games, but inspiration may be even better. Inspiration from games can give you an idea of what you want things to look like. Of course, don’t copy them, but sometimes having some examples of certain models may help.


Can you be more specific on what type of builds you’re intending to?

Well to begin you need a few things.

You’ll need GUI’s, for the play button, shop etc.

You’ll need a realistic lobby and map with terrain and I suggest buildings with interiors to find guns and some low poly.

Making a game like this will require scripting, UI, audio and much more so I would keep that in mind.

As @ChallengeDev you need to remember low end users. Is your game good to play on different platforms - this could get more players.

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I would say if you are new to devforum and building as a whole, do jump to such high challenges. maybe try out making a few models. E.g. - Chair, Door, house etc… It takes a lot of time and effort keep that in mind.

I recommend you to select the theme of your game.
For example, If your theme is an island, you can make an island styled buildings or If your theme is a sci-fi, then you can make your buildings futuristic.

I just want like a city with loads of buildings with like interiors.

I want it like a city with loads of buildings.

Then, you can make a building, and you can also add decals for the windows. Textures and Decals

Regarding you clarified a small amount of information on what your wanting you should first do a quick search around the forum as there has been other discussed threads related to what your looking for. It would be best if you do a little research on your own and view resources to help you get what your looking for.

If you’re looking to building a city, a more suitable structure layout with additional elements you would need to first start with sketching a design on way specific map or design your wanting. Usually when building an large city based on real life structure start with basic elements you need to plan your layout and see what you want inside your city, have a few images by your side.

View games and experiment instill you develop a theme - style - and atmosphere. Just for future notice if you need help on building maps buildings you should take the time and practice and start creating.

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