Help on coloring a Huge Mesh

Alright so I’m in the middle of creating a Huge spaceship in blender, and I’ve been thinking about how I would color all this and put it in roblox. I just need a quick and efficient way of coloring your meshes, but also so it doesn’t produce HUGE amounts of lag.

Here’s how it looks like so far, if your wondering.

  1. Use UV editing to texture the spaceship
  2. It would be easier to texture if you break the mesh into part than texture them individually
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Could you link a video showing how to UV edit? Thank you.

You should try putting the colors you like to use on your UV editor. Then, you should UV unwrap your mesh and place the parts on the colors you like them to on the colors.

There's a video explaining how to UV unwrap your mesh and put images/colors on your UV map:

I hope that this will help you and speed up your process. I like your mesh too. It looks awsome even before it’s painted! Have a good day.

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This is a decent tutorial.


Thank you very much.
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Thanks a lot, this helped.
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No problem. It would be awsome if you gave a solution. Have a good day.
By the way, what 30 chars means?

Oh, It’s just when you wanna write something and its under than 30 characters, the DevForums doesn’t allow you to submit the message.

(here’s the finished product, now I’m going to uv unwrap it and export it to roblox, Thanks a lot)