Help on designing nice UI

I wanted to make a voting screen for a game to choose a level, but even after the template is made it just feels so empty and not like how I would imagine a front page’s UI to look

any feedback/advice would help


i would suggest adding a UIgradient to the yellow background to make it less plain


Maybe change the dark yellow to something else more bright, also maybe make the dark yellow frame round and make the Vote for Map! Text a little bigger :slight_smile: Hope that helps.


Took both yours and @TinyWisdom 's ideas into account starting to look a bit better might mess with the colors a bit more tho

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Not a pro at UI design, but I’ve messed with a bit of photoshop so here is my take.

Does your background color have to be yellow? Yellow is a really intense color to the eye. How about a gradient of some sort?

You could a border around some of your text to make it look more organized and create a sense of unity.

Bangers (I think that is the name of that font?) is a nice font, but it seems to be the only font and is also a bit of an “intense” font to the eye. Maybe use one font for titles, could be bangers font, and a less “intense” font for subtitles?

Edit: Also, instead of using “Match Starts In: X” you could replace it with an icon and number timer. Just my opinion on making it a bit more polished and simple.


this looks alot cleaner and more professional. i would suggest messing around with borders and text font, strokes and transparency until you get the perfect combo. For this background i would suggest maybe a black stroke for the text like you have and maybe switch up the fonts, i personally like GothamBlack and Cartoon and have been using them recently but its up to u. Nice job :+1:

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I would add some lines, or somenthing like that
My version (made very quickly)

Hope you will make it the best!
Have an awesome day!

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I did something similar, here’s the final product unless I decide to change it again, (also those maps are just place holders to text the image system I made lol)


That, looks, absolutely epic!
Good job bro
Could you also send the game link?
I would like to try it :wink:
Have an awesome day!

game is currently in early dev stage but the cord is this GqHKwBb

What is cord? :thinking:
Sorry im confused xD

they probably mean the Discord code for their server.

Oh, that is maybe the cord xDD my bad. Thanks

Wow! Sorry for the late reply but your improvement is remarkable.

I really like the border you added as well.

Very polished and professional!

Great work!