Help on Functionality of Creating Wings That Float Your Character

So I am starting to create wings that are animated in blender before entering into Roblox.
My game will have a system with tiers of wings, however that’s not what I’m asking about.

The wings will float your character about 2 feet off the ground locked there, and will only be used for increased percentages of speed. So you can move faster than walking. They’ll have a premade Blender animation as well.

I was thinking I could make them a Humanoid, and use HipHeight to get the floating mechanism done properly, but I’m curious if you think that’s the best route to go? Would there perhaps be a better way to make them float/locked to characters back other than HipHeight/Humanoid? All while containing an animation.

I know It’s a strange questions. I just haven’t been able to find any information online about wings that aren’t free-flying. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated :smiley:

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You could always just create a motor 6d connected to a dummy’s torso and then animate the wings, and then create a model with a main part (transparent) that gets welded to the characters torso, and the wings get welded onto the main part.

It would have animations and it would be welded onto the character with no issues if done properly. If you wanted to then remove it from the character and have it just suspend itself in the air, remove the weld connecting the main part to the character, and anchor it.

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Okay that’s a really good idea, I’ll look into that! I’m actually suspending the character in air, but I’m sure that’s just a simple CFrame.

The only tricky part about this, is that I would have to perfectly rig my Wings Models into one perfectly mesh that can be animated within Roblox.
If I animate inside of Blender however, I have the freedom to create a template to use for every other wing animation to come.
Is there a way to use Motor 6D with Blender Animations? Or you have to animate it with the 6d?

You can use BodyPositions, or other body movers!