Help on how to make a gui tool system

I need a system to where if I click on a tool it will pop up a Gui telling me the name of my tool I equipped.
the tool cant go in my inventory or in my hot bar, and it cannot be equipped in my hands (holding the tool.)
the tool I have needs to be able to unlock things such as doors and stuff.

example, I go up to a key I click on it and it pops up a Gui informing me that I have a key, then I find the door that I need to use my key on, (I click or walk up to the door), and it opens without me taking any tools out in my hand.

I’m asking this because I have a SKINNED MESH character that cant pick up tools (NO skinned mesh character cant do that. Unless scripted). NOTE: I do have a flashlight that IS ATTACHED to the Character and the Tool has a BONE that is inside the hand so I can equip the flashlight. that’s the only way I can equip a tool from my hot bar because I have it attached to me.

again this is a skinned mesh and the Character is ONLY ONE mesh not other meshes attached to it except the tool.

in simple terms, a tool that I find and equip but its not in my inventory and I can’t put it in my hand,(Because theirs no hand other than one mesh) it can only work when I go to an object that can be opened (a door for example).

note: I am not a scripter I don’t know how to script, I only scripted stuff from tutorials on the internet.

I think this post may help you.

its okay, I made another topic on how to make the gui tool system and I got help.