Help on making a early 2000's themed FPS game


Im trying to make a game like arsenal in a eraly 2000’s-esque style game and i was wonder what i should include and how to emerse the player in the theme. I have tried modeling a metro themed level already and i was wondering if it was looking in the style i want it to be.

Thanks in advance, St_Peggin!


Try to use pbr. If u need pbr, u can ask me help

Why would OP use PBR textures? Early 2000’s games didn’t use PBR textures nor really had the technology to do so.


why is pbr textures so important? It could look too good without them too.

I feel like a game in the early 2000s hasn’t been explored a bunch. The most common times in the FPS genre are wars and the future. Which are both self explanatory.

You could really do anything here, but here are some map ideas:

  • Park maybe with some houses
  • A city with massive buildings
  • one of the random architecture feats of the 2000 ( weird stretch )
  • A shopping mall
  • Train station
  • Just a plain old house or a apartment building
  • A prison

The 2000s are mostly similar to today so a anything could work I guess.

Early game used to have skinned meshes. and low poly meshes with low texture

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