Help on making a ridable

Hello, i modeled this 3d rat and put it in roblox studio, but i don’t know how can i make it ridable. Thanks

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how do i use it? i meant like that if you press the proximity prompt, the character goes on the rat and becomes movable in a script

This was one of my first projects I used to learn scripting.

It’s difficult for beginners as it has multiple systems combined together.

  1. VehicleSeats events as @xGOA7x mentioned
  2. Input system (Context action service or user input service, choose one)
  3. Movement system (many methods, humanoids were used here)
  4. Bonus NetworkOwnership knowledge however vehicle seats handle that automatically if you only have 1 driver.
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Thanks for your help, im gonna look into it

It doesnt work for me, even though i changed all the variables names

I tried putting a vehicle script but it doesnt work, why?

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