Help on making a Simulator?

I’m about to make a simulator, but, I don’t know what simulator to make! Could ya’ll help me, maybe give me a few ideas? I won’t copy them directly, I just need ideas to help spark my brain, so I can start making my game! If you try to help me out, thank you!


Sports Simulator. Lol (30chars)

I mean, there’s already a bunch of running sim’s and jumping sim’s… I’m trying to get something original, but thank you!

Well, I see no sports. You can have basketball, soccer, football, etc. All kinds of sports inside the game and go from there. Idk if it’s original but I see no multi-use sports games.

I might use it. Thank you for helping!

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An actual simulator or the other one that’s generic?

Actual simulator: Simulate jobs kind of like Job Simulator, Simulate what It’s like to be a celebrity or have a farm or a popular youtube channel, also you could do a game where you are a cook in a bustling restaurant

Generic simulator: Explosion simulator, fishing simulator.

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I’m pretty sure it’s generic. (30chars)

I’ve actually been wanting to make a ‘real life’ simulator sorta like adopt me but with hunger, and fall damage, and jobs. I wonder if this is a popular enough idea that we might be able to put a team together (if you don’t already have one) (also I don’t know if I can do anything yet, so no guarantees)

What about something like punching legends? That sounds cool :smiley: