Help on Making Drawing System

How would I go about making a drawing system for my game. I’ve tried using circular image labels for like pens and stuff for about a week now and never really made a dent in getting it to work.

You’ll probably need a few things here to get the position right. First you’ll need the mouse (player:GetMouse()) which will give you mouse.X and mouse.Y (pixel coordinates on screen). If you want it specifically in a frame, you’ll also need to use absolute position to determine the starting point. But assuming all you want is to draw on the screen, you can create an image label on mouse movement at the position of the mouse,mouse.X,0,mouse.Y). That should definitely help get you started!

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Looking at other drawing games, it looks as if they make a series of points that follow the mouse movements, and then connect those points with thin rectangles that are flat to the canvas, and vary with the brush width. For example, while the user is holding their mouse down, it records the point at that mouse position and stores it, and keeps recording at an interval (e.g. every 0.10 second) until the mouse is released. And then it takes those points and will draw that rectangle between. I’m not 100% sure that this is the case, however if you visit one of these free draw games, and move your mouse very fast, you will see that it draws the shapes poorly. That led me to thinking they record the points at intervals.