Help on Parenting Parts that are Touching a Part

so i’m currenly in the Proccess of Organizing my Game, i’m trying to Organize alot of Trees & putting them into Segments, like for example “TreesCity”, “TreesPark”, “TreesForest” . ofc the logical thing to do is Select all of them, but the Problem is that theres alot of other Parts so deselecting them would take some time (also my pc would just catch on fire) i got the Idea to parent the Trees if they are Touching a Part, but i haven’t figured out how to do that yet… how would i do this?

Hey, you can use explorer filter.
Just write into it your tree models name, click this button to select them all and move to your folder.

Hey! Sorry for the Extremely Late Respose… there are multiple trees with the Same Name cause i used BrushTool Plugin…

This is exactly what u need when using explorer filter.

Also the filter is searching for character matches, at this point if even your trees named like…“Tree1”…“Tree2”…“Tree3”…it will anyways find them with “Tree”. I hope u got it! :slight_smile: