Help on rigging

I need a little help with this problem, then I am opening this rig with the animator, It Is saying that It has a multiple parts that share the same name.

Just want to know how to fix It.
I already renamed all the parts but It still didn’t work.

Can u show me the whole explorer for the model


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There is two part named right leg in it

I got It, there Is one more thing

I will be very glad If you will help me with It

Actually I cannot see any Part name gregre gergre rgre

I can’t see them too.
Someone rigged It for me.

i think it is affecting your works i mean u can rig it yourself

Here is a way of how motor6D is actually used:Motor6D Tools Tutorial (Read Desc) | Roblox Studio - YouTube

i know its complicated but u can still search more and then you will understand it a lot better

You just need to change the name of the parts, once that’s done, the error won’t occur. As for the rigging, you can ask the one who made it to fix it for you, or you can try and rig it yourself.