Help on rotation

My system is a singular part welded to the player’s character. I want to make the part have a rotating animation without affecting the actual part because when it does it also will rotate the character (since it’s welded to it). Any suggestions?

You can use a separate Part/MeshPart that is not welded to the player’s character.

You can then use a script to rotate this separate part and make it look like it’s part of the player’s character

the part however is basically constantly moving let me explain further:

I made a system where when the player kicks a ball the ball will weld and set position to a “part” of the character (the part is invisible and in front of the character) then the user is free to run around with the part welded to it. However when they run the ball has no rotation and instead looks like it’s just floating. I want to make it so that there’s some kind of animation of the ball rolling so the game looks better.

here’s an image of what it looks like