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Recently, I’ve been working with a custom character model, from the game OneShot, and everything has gone pretty well (animations done, everything, really) but the game I use for inspiration has a really interesting feature that I would really like to replicate, which is the scarf of the model moving with its own physics, if anyone needs the character tree in Explorer, I’d be happy to provide that

Scarf Physics (i think, lol?)
What I want to achieve:

I have absolutely no idea on how to replicate this lol, and if someone could give me a way I could possibly do these scarf physics, that would be amazing



The only way to really accomplish this in my opinion is creating the scarf in Blender, then rigging it and creating custom animations for running, idle etc. For example, here you would have again an Idle animation, then a run start up animation, then a running animation. Then you could just import the rig and animation to Roblox. Wanted to mention though, I’m not sure how efficient or taxing this might be in terms of lag.


yeah, perhaps, but i already have all the animations and everything, but the scarf has its own physics, completely random


From the video clip it looks like the scarf physics are achieved through animations rather than actual physics calculations, but maybe you have other clips that show otherwise. Roblox physics can be expensive especially working with a lot of constraints etc. So I really don’t think there is another way. The engine isn’t really adapted for cloth like unreal or unity.

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I agree, seems like animated bones. But also see: Bone | Roblox Creator Documentation and also cage mesh deformation. (Cage Mesh Deformer - Studio Beta)

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ya, u guys are probably right.
but i skimmed through the guys twitter and i found a tweet that introduced the “physics” and it shows the hair and scarf moving with the wind

im not sure how i could possibly accomplish this in the end, because it seems to speed up when you accelerate more and it looks a little random… but hey, thank you for ur input!

also @WaviestBalloon, tyvm for the links.

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No problem! Mark the comment as “Solution” if it helped. :wink:

Maybe ask the creator? Also, maybe they’re replaying sections of a animation and looping back to give the effect of randomness and increasing the speed of the animation.

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