Help on using region3 for melee hitboxes

Hey! So im making a combat game and im working currently on melees, i wanna use region3 for my hitboxes due to it being the best for me from what i saw, anyways, can someone help me approach what i wanna do?

I’ve never worked with region3 before, the only thing i know is that it needs two points, but every melee in my game has a invisible hitbox part and its pretty much a different size on each melee since theres scythes, daggers, normal swords and etc. So how would i make that work?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Im not familiar with region 3. But I don’t know if this would help. Region3 documentation

Don’t. The functions using Region3 for finding parts are deprecated. Use the spatial query functions workspace:GetPartsInPart (with an invisible hitbox) or workspace:GetPartBoundsInBox instead.

If you go with the first function, all you literally need is an invisible hitbox to detect targets

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