Help on water features

Theres something I never really new how to do, I am quite new to adding water and advanced terrain design, but with the current features is it possible to make water effects such as these? (and flowing). If not with the current roblox tools is there plugins which could do this effect of low lying clear water?

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The water effects are really cool and you can do a lot with them. But I don’t think you can make it actually move. What you can do is add waves that go up and down and make it look like it moves. You can also make the colour of it crystal clear as most fresh waters look clear and add special effects to waterfalls with some plugins or so. Andere yet thing that would be really cool would be water sound effect which would make the whole thing perfect.

I how this helped you.

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No. You can’t replicate that water effect.

Roblox water is really bad imo. There’s no customisation. Its really difficult to make good looking water, so trying to get this effect and making it realistic is near impossible.


Using Roblox’s texture and feature is impossible, though it can be done. You can adjust the water properties to make it transparent, though then you’d need a very detailed water effect texture to put it over the water and maybe use beams to animate the moving water effect that works similarly to a waterfall but significantly smaller.

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I don’t know but if i were to build this. My way is to generate a flat water terrain. Mess with the water transparency and wave property. Then on top of the river i create a beam with a flowing texture on it. That way, i simulate a flowing river.

I’ll try with the beams for the water effect thank you!

Thanks, imma have a mess around to see if I can make something.

You can try with Beams but tbh with you, roblox isn’t up to this yet

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