Help on where to put bushes

Hey so I’ve spent a long time trying to think of where to put the bushes in my up coming game. Can someone give me an idea? Image of the area below.

Thanks from John!


well, plants like to grow where there is sunlight, so i recommend putting it where the trees shadow isn’t. And add some around the house.


I would just place them randomly around the map as it will make it look more natural in my opinion. However, I would not place bushes on the paths because then they could get in the way.


You should add the bushes around the house and spread all around the map, doing so will make this game seem more realistic and natural. Due to the fact that plants aren’t just in one spot in reality.


It would be a little helpful if you could also apply an image of the bush itself so we know:

  • What it looks like.
  • How tall and wide is the bush/
  • What kind of bush is it.
  • And if it’s suitable for the type of terrain. (Even though it probably already is.)

I would put out most of the bushes around the river and near the paths mostly. Then I would place some further away to add that kind of nature affect. Where there is more water/dirt, the easier and most likely the bushes would grow. Farther away, there is less water and “nutrients” (I guess you could say) so more likely plants will not grow. This is just for the realistic effect. I am kind of a nature guy myself so I may be nerdy over nature lol.

Hope everything helps!


Randomly placing bushes (in a reasonable matter) might make it look more realistic…

Also, I would use different trees, and maybe different colored leaves so that it looks more realistic. Right now, it looks like one tree was copy and pasted all around the map with varying rotations.

Here’s a better example:

  • have at least 3 different tree meshes (they should be relatively similar I guess)
  • for each tree mesh, make 2-3 retextures of the tree texture using varying shades of green

Then you have around 9 different trees which gives the map a better variety

It looks like you have a nice variety of tree models already… That makes your life a lot easier because all you have to do is make a lighter / darker shade of green retexture :evergreen_tree:


I agree with you, I think that’s a good idea.


I agree with everything @TheAviator01 said in the above reply. However, there are a few other things I would suggest adding that could improve your map in general.

  1. Add patches of rock. In nature, it’s common to see seemingly random boulders/pebbles lying around. This will work pretty much anywhere as rock is not a naturally growing item.

  2. Add sprigs of grass/smaller plants. This will bring out a new dimension of detail that the map presently lacks. I would suggest placing them in areas that already contain larger plants.

  3. Make the ground more hilly. In nature, the ground is not at all even, there are bumpy/hilly patches. This can be done simply by doing “grow” in the terrain editor in select spots.

All of this will make your map look more realistic and wild. Keep up the good work!


My suggestion is to add bushes by the house and maybe some bushes where the sun comes up since plants need sunlight.

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