Help On (WIP) Forest Map


Hello, I need opinions on what to add to this game, so people will like it better. It can be small or big detail. Thank you!
(The game is supposed to be like a line. It isn’t an open world thing. I also just made this, so a lot to improve)


It’s hard to judge it as a “game” before any gameplay is in it.

Judging it as a build, though, the most meaningful suggestion I could give is to make the terrain not flat.

You could probably also benefit from increasing the tree size & density, and adding other features such as ferns. The cliffs could be made a lot more interesting, too.


Okay, thank you. I will definitely add those things.

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  • Make different colored trees, they all look the same.
  • Don’t make the terrain flat.
  • The walls that stop you from falling to your death look bad. I suggest that you scrap that idea and put a lot of trees as a wall instead.

Apart from that I do like the aesthetic of the forest but there is a lot of work to be done.

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Thank you. I will definitely use look into your suggestion!


It depends what style you are going for. But personally I like the way it looks right now. With some adjustments it could look very cool.

One thing you should do though since it is a low poly style is to remove the outlines.


Thank you for the suggestion, I will definitely turn off outlines since it messes things up.


I looked into some of your ideas and I added

  • Non Flat Terrain

  • No outline

  • And made walls look a little better

I am still fixing the map. Thank you!

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No problem! Good luck on your project.


Hey hey hey, Samchan77! :smile: :wave:

The map itself is of high quality, but you can improve.

Shoutout to @AviaValk for criticizing this map with me.

  • The outlines on the grass aren’t really appealing, to remove them make sure there is no check filled in the Outlines property.

  • There are also outlines on the fence, and they do not look appealing to me either.

  • This rock looks unnatural, and oddly-shaped.

  • These flames look unnatural; too centered, too perfect.

  • The way the two tree models were distributed was slightly poor. Purple - Model 1 | Red - Model 2

Really good job!


Thank you for your suggestions! This will definitely improve the game. Thank you!


anchor the tree’s trunks, but keep the leaves unanchored though.

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Hello! Your game is very nice. However, I think that it needs a more diverse set of trees.

 Typically in a forest, you'd have natural things. Such as undergrowth, trees, hills, and ETC. However, I don't get the 'natural' feeling when it comes to your lack of variations between trees.

* Different style may include:

 Other than these, you did really well! :smiley:

Do you mean to make the tree trunk able to collide?


(Sorry, I’m still new to using the DevForum’s system.)


Thank you for the suggestion! I will look into it.


This is hard to judge based on how (seemingly) new it is:

  • Everything is just a bit too plain. Make sure to add variations of models and clutter up the play area. Make it something interesting to walk through.
  • The flame particles seem to be glitching (in the way where if you have multiple materials on the same plane it glitches), they also move downward instead of upward. Maybe make their lifetime randomized, color change randomly (still within the fire color though, yellow, orange, red, etc.), and have a different spread effect so it doesn’t look perfect.
  • These models look too perfect and they look the same. I don’t know how new you are to developing but maybe make a few variations of them.
  • Lighting is very bright. Make sure to keep shadows on and just add PointLights on invisible bricks wherever they are needed the most.
  • The log cabin is visibly solid, and the front/back roof portion is facing the wrong way. It’s easy to copypasta some logs, but if you want a decent map, make sure to put some effort into it.
  • Tents are a bit too blocky, maybe add a front and back with a flap entrance?
  • The stream needs somewhere to come from and go; add a cave entrance to go in and out of.
  • I love the sonic feel of the layers of walls on either side, its a small detail but it adds a lot.
  • Fog and distance seen is perfect, it outlines everything that doesn’t need to be seen in too much detail beautifully.

I really like the start of this, keep on going!

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure he meant collide. Unanchoring would make no sense.


It looks great! Just make sure to add hills and ditches.


Map is great but this is about the firepit

Your fire be upside-down. It looks like it’s a volcano with no rock.
First, good job with having it a particle emitter.
Second, flip it and have a medium-sized base that slightly slims at the top.
Also idk if your fire does this but, Orange-red at the bottom More orange and it should fade to a lighter colour near the top.
What I’m talking about v