Help picking right material for floor

Hey all!

I don’t know which material to choose on my airport to look similar like this:



This doesnt really help you but if you search up “materials” in toolbox, you can find a lot of unique materials to pick from, assuming you added them into your material service

What do you mean specifically? Adding for example marble and pebbles at the same time with transparency?

Wait read that wrong lol. Thought you meant adding 2 materials at once.

Okay so I added two materials, marble and pebble with .5 transparency and here is the effect

Pretty kool

I don’t think you got what I meant

You can get a lot of new materials to work with if you add new materials into your game through the Toolbox

You can even make them with the new DALL E IA

You can either use the new material generator feature or maybe compile marble and a rougher material like slate. Also @elexotus I can’t see the pebble in that screenshot.

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I think you could use smooth plastic with some reflectance on it and then putting a slightly transparent texture on top that you can find in the toolbox or make yourself. You could also use a PBR material to get that sort of look.

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Problem is when I use the generator I tried typing in “Terrazzo” but it comes up with materials that are not even close to it being the floor. I’ll try your method though.

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You can experiment with the reflectance property of the floor part and it’ll give that airport effect.

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Make the floor transparent, then put theglasstrick right under. Then, right under the glass trick, put another floor.

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