Help Recreating rim lighting in game

Ok so this is kind of a scripting support question as well but it’s also art design so yeah.

Recently, I’ve been messing with stuff in studio to try and find an art style for my game. I really liked the rim lighting in Pokemon Sword and Shield. , so I am trying to create a similar effect in Roblox but there are a few things that went wrong in the process.

  1. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!

I ended coming to the conclusion that the best lookalike would probably be to copy characters and make a forcefield material version of them to put on top of them like this:

but I have to deal with quirks like the forcefields animation on mesh parts with textures and also generally not having an idea of how they work with meshparts. I also wanted to make it so your character looks like this as well when they spawn in game but I have to create new motor 6ds for that and the color is off.

I’m not sure wether I would be better off finding another method to use or if there are some hacks to make it look better.

Could you copy each Mesh item (arm, body etc.), make it slightly larger, make the Material ForceField, make it Massless, then weld it back to the original ‘animated’ body part?

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I think you would be better off finding another method. The effect will be completely ruined if you use clothes or any form of texture on your character. If you’re not planning on doing that though, you could probably try to do what @Scottifly above suggested (don’t forget to also color the ForceField white or the color of the BodyPart you’re welding it to).

Scottify’s solution worked best. I still don’t know exactly how animations might plague it but my game will be r6 so, hopefully less. I also made a little thing inserting meshes for character meshes that were there but don’t apply to clones.