Help Reducing my Cafe game's Lag

My cafe game has really bad lag and every time I try and join my game outside or inside of studio it crashes (I have a pretty good PC, Geforce 2060, so I’m not understanding why it’s lagging/crashing so bad). Anyone else that tries to join get crashes too. I’ve watched YT videos and been on the Dev Forum but nothing I’m reading/trying is working. I’ve tried so many things to get rid of the lag so it’s playable again. I’ve tried unioning parts, removing malicious scripts/code, removing unnecessary scripts/parts that I only need, turning cast shadow/Can collide/Can touch off on parts that don’t need collision, turning on StreamingEnabled (Doing this only breaks my scripts too). I’m not that advanced with scripting so I couldn’t really re-script the broke scripts so I turned StreamingEnabled off, I’m also not advanced enough in scripting to make a render distance script either.

I also don’t want to have to turn up the Atmosphere because it gets foggy/muddy and makes the horizon not as bright.

Ultimately I want to be able to add more objects and bushes, etc. to the map so it’s not so empty too but the lag is making it unplayable. My game has 66,331 parts in total and my map is all made with terrain.

Things I’ve already tried:

  • Deleting all scripts
  • turning cast shadow/Can collide/Can touch off, on a lot of objects (Bushes etc.)
  • Turning on streaming enabled
  • unioning parts
  • removing malicious scripts/code
  • removing unnecessary scripts/parts that I only need
  • turning on StreamingEnabled (Broke many of my scripts & I don’t know how to fix so I’ve turned this back off)
  • Turning up Atmosphere


Mind sending a link to the experience so I can try see if I can see anything in-game that could be causing it? Also are you sure that there are no viruses or backdoors inside of a model?

replace all wait() with task.wait() it will reduce script lag

Would it be possible for you to DM me a copy of the pace file? I have a decent laptop but even that was making the fans go crazy as.

I think these are the problem areas. Under no circumstances are Unions more performant than parts. Additionally, StreamingEnabled will prevent almost all performance issues related to graphics. Try enabling streaming and set the stream out behavior to LowMemory. Then, if there are any problematic scripts, you can ask us here or in the #help-and-feedback:scripting-support category to help make them compatible with streaming.

Judging by the image, I cannot tell if your map is a terrain map or not. This might cause. performance issues.

Also, make sure your lighting technology is set to Voxel if you have issues when looking at buildings.


I turned streaming Enabled on. Is there a way to make the terrain load less triangularly or smoothly? Just loading in the terrain becomes distorted and so do the tree leaves (The leaves are meshes, the mountains/ground is all terrain). Would there be any way to fix the blocky render of the trees and load the terrain smoother? I’ve tested the different streaming settings but they all produce similar results.

Not really. I’m not sure why your game is experiencing these issues but from what I see it’s probably due to graphics.

Yea that and the scripts is why i didn’t have it on.