Help required on Blender surface/shadow issue

Hey all, Currently trying to render in Blender but coming across this issue.

The thompson gun is having this weird material/shading issue - anyone know any fix or solution? Been trying to find a solution through posts but found nothing so far.

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Is this an export from Roblox to Blender? If so, you may need to change the material to something asides the default Roblox one.

You can change the materials here, you may want to separate the gun into individual object groups based on materials.

you can change material stuff here.

Yeah straight export as .OBJ (both parts character and gun together).

They were basic ‘plastic’ material from Roblox, what I’ll do is import the character and gun separately and reposition, and then try changing the materials aside - probably an image colour and use the RGB or a box colour UV Map and see if it fixes it

you dont really need to mess with UV maps if you just wanna mess with the colors. select all of the faces, then press A, then right click anywhere and press separate > by material and that should fix it. you probably dont need to reimport it.
youll then get a different object group for each different material/color variant. i.e everything brown will be in group A, everything yellow be in group B, etc

then you should just be able to mess with the materials in the menu shown in the screenshot above.
hope that helps.


Cheers. What I did was reimport both elements seperately instead of a collective .OBJ.

Did adjust the materials and changed it to RGB, and re-coloured the gun and it worked so just did this.