Help! Roblox thinks game is non-existent! I can't publish my game!

Hello, I have a huge issue.

I’m trying to make a car game, and when I try to publish the world, it doesn’t publish anymore.

Now every time, the publish fails. And this error appears in the console and the logs:

2021-03-31T09:14:18.930Z,502.930298,14fc,6 [FLog::Error] Error: builtin_PublishPlaceAs.rbxm.PublishPlaceAs.Src.Actions.SetPublishInfo:18: Game ID should not be 0
2021-03-31T09:14:18.930Z,502.930298,14fc,6 [FLog::Output] Info: Stack Begin
2021-03-31T09:14:18.930Z,502.930298,14fc,6 [FLog::Output] Info: Script 'builtin_PublishPlaceAs.rbxm.PublishPlaceAs.Src.Actions.SetPublishInfo', Line 18
2021-03-31T09:14:18.931Z,502.931305,14fc,6 [FLog::Output] Info: Script 'builtin_PublishPlaceAs.rbxm.PublishPlaceAs.Src.Actions.Action', Line 59
2021-03-31T09:14:18.931Z,502.931305,14fc,6 [FLog::Output] Info: Script 'builtin_PublishPlaceAs.rbxm.PublishPlaceAs.Src.Components.ScreenChoosePlace', Line 349
2021-03-31T09:14:18.931Z,502.931305,14fc,6 [FLog::Output] Info: Script 'builtin_PublishPlaceAs.rbxm.PublishPlaceAs.Src.Components.ScreenChoosePlace', Line 55
2021-03-31T09:14:18.931Z,502.931305,14fc,6 [FLog::Output] Info: Stack End
2021-03-31T09:15:07.711Z,551.711975,4d10,6 [FLog::Output] Car Stunt Simulator.rbxl publish failed.

How did the game ID become 0 in the first place?
It makes no sense!

Please help! I’ve tried restarting Studio and my PC multiple times, which hasn’t helped.

This can be caused by different reasons:

  1. malicious script of a free model or a plug-in
  2. bug

Hey there! :wave:
Try going to file > Publish to Roblox to… (Alt + Shift + P) > Then select your game, and publish it.


Make a copy of your game,and then publish it again

I tried publishing it to a new game, it didn’t work.

I tried doing that as well, it didn’t work. It still fails.

I have plugins that clear my game of free model viruses and backdoors. I’ve used both of them and found nothing bad.

Apparently my game was too big for Roblox, because of too many cars being in the game. I removed between 5-10 of them and it published fine. Thanks!

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If you want to keep those cars,I suggested you to separate places linked to the start place.