Help simplifying a union in Blender

I am planning on making a strategy game, and made SA in studio using the CurveCutter plugin

Pulled the Union into blender and noticed it is a mess

I want to make it simpler since it looks so cluttered - I have no idea how to do that. i’m very new to blender and stuff

Is there any way of doing that?

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There are a few ways.
Your best option is to go to a Blender website or forum since they’d have all the answers you need.

You should first select all the Vertices by being on the Vertice tool (top left of your screen, a dot, line or plane image) and press A to select all then go to the Vertices tab and Merge Vertices (Alt M I think) and Merge by distance. I usually select something like .002 studs since it’s fairly small. This will take all vertices that are .002 studs apart and make them into 1.

Unions have a horrible way of creating double vertices.

After merging your vertices as a group you can merge them by selecting 2 or more and use Alt M again, but select ‘at last’ or ‘at first’ or ‘at center’, whichever works best for you.

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Adding on to what @Scottifly, you can also manually select the faces using face select mode(the faces you want to merge) and press ctrl + x to dissolve(or merge) the faces.

I would do as @VegetationBush said or just make a new object and trace the outline of the object with the snap tool

Try inserting a plane and go into edit mode, then press k to use to cutting tool. After that, cut out a shape and press enter. Delete the 2 extra parts of the plane that you won’t need, and then click e on the thing to extrude it. Example here:

Keep in mind, that pressing number 3 will let you select faces instead of verts. Feel free to ask if you have any questions :slight_smile:


I was applying what you guys said and got this:

object mode

edit mode

but just as i closed blender i saw @KevinRexFromDk 's post and its actually just what i needed! thanks for the help nevertheless

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Ayyy awesome! To fix this issue, simply add a loop cut at the very top and bottom of the model

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check if smoothing is on, if it is then turn it off.