HELP! Super lag on studio

I been working hard a lot of hours on building this game. i quit roblox for a while but recently my mom passed and i decided to come back to roblox and build a game dedicated to her!(sorry to get personal!) i spent a lot of hours building this game to also keep myself distracted.

however, i am very new to pluggins so i decided to try it, but i got excited and downloaded a bunch. the problem is now the game i am working on is laggy and freezes. I even go into play mode to test it out and its laggy or freezes.

i looked through all of explorer and deleted every script that was suspicious, and even looked for the fire virus and it wasnt there either! I dont know what to do! I am very scared because I dont want to restart!

I will be willing to pay some robux or something shoutout or something for help!!!

my discord is HAYLOCOOKIE#1307 , i really need help:( thank you!

xoxoo dddogy


No need to. I’m also extremely sorry about the first line.

Anyways, If you’re confident that there’s no malicious scripts it’s more then likely a plugin. Go over to your plugins, disable all of them and slowly enable each one individually. You should also check to make sure you have verified plugins and are from the right sources; no duplicates or fake versions.

You can do that by checking the plugin authors on the roblox website.

Hope that helps!

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There are a lot of duplicates with malicious scripts, especially the ones like this:

Make sure the ones you’ve installed are the originals. If you don’t know which are the originals are, you should check YouTube videos that covers plugins they use, or they recommend.

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Clearly, there’s a number of malicious plugins. At least one. Try checking for legitimate plugins and not accidentally installing the wrong kind(a copy of the original that was forked and modified).

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I don’t know what plugins you used. Just search on DevForum or YouTube the best plugins you can use.
If the problem aren’t plugins you can do this:

  1. Remove the terrain that you don’t see
  2. Enable streaming (for more informations Content streaming )
  3. Disable Cast Shadows in the parts that doesn’t need shadows
  4. Optimize your scripts
  5. Use meshes (how to create a mesh from a building you did in studio meshes )
  6. Optimise the collions box (for other building tips here )
  7. Remove Can Collide to parts that you can’t touch

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:
PS: Sorry for the bad English


PM me an image of all ur plugins. I will talk you through each step to help you remove the imposter :wink:

Also, I am very sorry for your loss. I really hope you keep on going with this game.

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You should put a picture / the authors of the plugins

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thank you! it was the pluggins , i did not realize plugins could do that! :grin:

i deleted everysingle pluggin, i dont really need pluggins anyway!

Show me the plugins creator I can tell you if its right one.

I download plugins which GriffSwager uses and some plugins which AlvinBlox uses, and I am sure to check the ratings of the plugins before downloading the, plugin.

What plugin did you use? Behind plugins is code you can’t see

Did you enable any beta features recently? If you did, try disabling them.

First I want to say I’m very sorry for your loss, during this difficult time.

Does your studio seem to have the same frame rate? sometimes my camera on studio will freak out.
The camera would move frame buy every other frame. Try restarting studio and Turn off all of your plugins, then turn them back on one by one too see what plugin is giving you this issue.