Help / Support with creating Data store or Saving system

I’m having trouble with creating a data saving system for my game and I am looking for anything to help get into the right direction as once I wrap my head around things I am pretty good to do it myself.

My game allows players to collect halos and other unique accessories which can be equipped from a menu, however the game needs to know if the player’s have unlocked these halos and as of right now it uses the Badge service system to detect if a player does or does not have a halo through owning a badge, this is really flawed however and breaks frequently due to limits and was made in my novice era.

I’ve tried searching over the forum and web for any ideas on how to save the data and I have actually attempted to make multiple scripts related to Datastores but I just cannot understand it nor get it to work no matter what I do, I even ended up checking out the Datastore2 module and got it to somewhat work to my liking.

I’m really just asking for any advice on what I could try and do or any piece of script that may point me in the general direction, the more the merrier.

How is the datastore breaking for you? Is it too slow?

It’s not maintained anymore iirc, check out “ProfileService” module. A lot of popular games use this module.

For the data, saving some sort of an identifier for these accessories will work (you can use their name or if you think that you’d rename them later, set them an attribute which you’ll use as the object identifier).

I think the main issue is that even once I get the module I still don’t know or understand how to use it to my liking, I’m still a bit lost on how I can use it to actually save the data and a lot of resources always talk about saving numbers for cash or using leaderstats which I don’t care about.

You can save it like I told as well. It’d look like this:


Or alternatively you can save other identifiers for the object as well.

Modifying the data is also easy since it’s a table.

That’s good and I was doing something similar to it in testing earlier however, where exactly would I be putting this? How do I tell the module to save the data? How do I check the data a player has?