Help testing weather system

Hello! I have just recently added an adaptive weather system to my game Cart Ride Around A Cart Ride - Roblox . The only time problem is that I’m not sure if this weather system is actually working… do you mind testing out the game and letting me know what weather you receive?


idk if the weather was working, but I got clear skies but it was nighttime, I don’t know if that’s supposed to happen, but there you go.

Ah yes, there is an adaptive time system as well so it will appear dark if it is dark or near dark where you are. Thx for testing!


Could you explain how you made a weather system/ send me a .rbxl file with just the weather system. I need this for an upcoming game and will credit you with the weather system. (I will test your system for u as well tmr on ur game, can’t do it rn)


samee id like to try it aswell

Sure, I can get this to you guys later. In summary I used this video (Roblox Tutorial - How to make a live syncing weather system in Roblox - YouTube) to get an adaptive weather and used a get country from player statement to get their country. I will get you the script and where to put them, but you still may need to follow this video to set up the API needed for the weather service. Don’t worry @Szerpllx I will get this to you to as well! :wink:


Lifesaver, my friend :pray:

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Here you go @Zozaf100 and @Szerpllx ! Everything you need should be in the ServerScriptService with markers for where to place everything and how to use everything! To get the needed API to get this to work, you can follow the instructions in this video ( Roblox Tutorial - How to make a live syncing weather system in Roblox - YouTube). Here you go! Go crazy!

LiveWeatherSystemWAutomatedCountryDetection.rbxl (58.3 KB)


Quick question, would you be able to do me a favor, go into the game and check to see if the position of the sun and the lighting in the game is similar to your real-life sun position and lighting? For me it seems to be stuck at 6:00p.m. time always but we will have to see.

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Will do, tysm for sending the file!

I have a bug… it says ServerScriptService.Server:13: attempt to concatenate Instance with string
Is this a setup issue or an unsolved bug?

nevermind, the issue was resolved. You have to put a .Value at the end of line 9.
I have a new issue, it says HTTP 404 after it prints the url. Will investigate more.

Fixed that bug, you need to add a task.wait(1) before referencing the value. Now, it says my timezone is New York instead of Las Vegas (where I live). Do you know why it shows this?

Ah yes, the only problem with the weather system is it can only get as accurate as the players country. I would really love for Roblox to add get city from player.

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Ah, ok. I had another problem where I manually set it to Las Vegas and the temperature that I received from the api call was around 20 degrees colder than the temperature listed on the website (vision weather).
As far as the country/region thing, I’m probably just going to have a player input section where they can change the api call from their country to their region. Again, thanks so much for this system as it is really helping my game feel more alive.

I created a UI that can toggle between an inputted region and the auto-detected country. I will send a .rbxm file soon.

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weathersys.rbxm (27.0 KB)
Just ungroup it in the areas.

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Thank you so much. I will definitely use this and credit you in future games