HELP Texture downscaling

I am trying to reach the same result as the blender pne. The texture is optimized and all, he says the problem might ne because of the 1k texture limit, is there a way to make a 2k texture limit instead.


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In order to achieve the detail that you want you will need to upload it all as individual pieces, each with their own UV map and texturing. You cannot change the 1024x1024 limit for textures.

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The limit is already at 1024x1024, we think it might be becsuse the model is too big

That is exactly the problem. It is too big to fit into one UV map. The more separate UV maps you make, as long as you make the UVs as large as possible, the more detail you will have in your model. You will need to strategically break it into separate pieces.

Yea the problem with that its going to lag when players will see it

Creating separate textures per part is not going to cause lag for players. There’s a reason games use textures with normal mapping and such rather than hard surface modeling and that’s because they are more performance-friendly. If you want the details to look better in your model, your only option is to create individual UV maps for the parts. You can scale everything down in size but it still will only slightly improve the look of the details in your model and will probably mess up the proportions of your game.

Yea we decided to use rpnlox material and texture, looks better.