Help Texturing a Mesh

Hey Developers,

Recently, I have noticed an issue wthin my game. It was lagging… It began to lag after I began placing my Clover models around. (Transparent Parts with Decals) and my Clover model looks like this:

Its all parts and decals. So to decrease the amount of Instances in my game, I decided to convert it to a mesh to make it MUCH less laggier for the player. So I did that… I exported it as an OBJ and got this result:

At this point, I thought… “So Far so good.” Until I realized I needed to add a texture… I added a clover texture and got this:
It looks horrendus! I also want it to look just like It did in the model. How can I make a texture for the mesh? (And it will look the exact same as when it did in the model)

Try actually modeling a clover patch rather than blocks, then texturing the clover patch using UV maps. Then, export the mesh to studio, and upload the texture you made in Blender to the texture of the mesh in Roblox.

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Ill give it a try. Ill keep you Updated!

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Am I making progress?

No, like actually model the clovers, not just blocks…
Then texture the mesh.

Lets continue this convo on discord. Dom.#6274

I don’t use discord, sorry dude.

Oof. We can continue here I guess.

Now, couldnt I just unwrap and bake the texture and put it on that mesh? If so, how do I do this?

Are you using planes for your textures ? I dont understand what model you made on blender it dont look plane

Doing this will cost a lot more triangles, for a similar result with planes.

Basically I want to be able to convert the MTL to a PNG image of the texture

lets continue through discord btw Dom.#6274

Are you using an image texture? If you are, why can’t you just get the image file and upload it to Roblox?

I just understood the error (I read wrong) It is not enough to export and re-import to properly reduce the number of triangles. You have to create two planes on blender, one for the stem and the other for the leaves, as you had done before

something like that, there you will have really optimized clovers

Can you send me that OBJ please?

Thank you so much! (Send each plane individually)

I now know that planes are more effective than parts. Thank you!!

(Send it via discord: Dom.#6274)

It’s very easy to do yourself, I’ll show you on discord rather than send you the mesh all done. that way you won’t need anyone anymore

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