Help to create Moss in Rocks

Hey I want to create a realistic showcase that includes Moss in rocks but I don’t know a way to recreate it
This is what I want to Accomplish


it is almost impossible to create a realistic rock
but you can try
you need

One rock or make one in blender

realistic rock textures

that’s it and good luck!


I’ve used textures to cover rocks in lichens, so you could probably try and find a moss decal on and apply it on different places on the rocks. If you want a cushion of moss just growing over a rock, i’ve achieved this effect by duplicating the rock mesh, removing it’s texture, changing it’s material to grass, and then moving it until only the upper area of the “rock” was visible.
obligatory apology for my bad english


This would likely be a very tedious task if you were to do this using only studio tools. The best way to do it would be to use blender and a good texture for the best result


Moss on rocks, I’ve never tried that, I should do it. However, if I did I would most likely just put a good realistic moss rock texture on a blender made rock. You can just search up moss textures on those texture websites, that or just grab a rock and duplicate it and push it upwards. However, that’s very low poly looking, to which I assume you’re not aiming for with the photos. Creating a custom moss mesh onto your rock meshes would be ideal. You can probably just do that in Blender or whatever program you prefer to which if you need help understanding those programs if you haven’t worked with them before, it’s really easy to get into, also remember to watch tutorials. Hopefully you can achieve your goal! :smiley:

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Make a rock, with a varied and realistic surface using unions and the new smooth shading feature or get blender 2.8 and watch a rock tutorial (there are plenty).
now just resize the mesh or part, and overlay it onto itself in mossy colors:
Slight rotations, slight appearances. Big rotations, and big moves, big moss appearances.
Now because moss is naturally soft,this rock isn’t the best example because its kind of sharp and repurposing it for moss onto itself makes that sharp as well. Also, a smooth rock is a soft and or worn rock, and subconsciously it’s more reasonable to see a smooth rock with moss on it, but I didn’t have one on hand at the moment.
I do this to cheat making grass topped rocks and terrain also, I just raise it a little and if needed I make the grass copy a little smaller.
Hope this helps!


Hello! :wave:

I have some ideas that could help. First of all, have your rock done.

Then, model the moss in Blender, you can use your rock as a size & shape parameter. Then texture it!
You can either texture in Blender or you can simply use Roblox’s mesh texturing, located on MeshPart > Porperties!

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As people have said there is not a realistic texture to make a rock, I would suggest blender for a start. The moss element will be the hardest, finding a realistic texture will be hard. I am sure I can try find one. If I do find any of this I will let you know. Best of luck.

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I am extremely late, and I know your probably long finished with this, but I am still going to talk, I like to use a bunch of little icosphere balls from blender and stick them close together, and put them on the rock, and then put it all into one mesh in blender, its a very low poly style but it works.

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