Help to limit the input of OderedDataStore

Hi i know there’s a limit on the OrderedDataStore because at some point when i am converting a string to a int with tonumber() and then the script gives an error when the string is in the 1e57 i don’t know excatly the number but i’ve atleast see it happen at those values. the script says that the OdereedDataStore got an invalid input and all i have is
WaterLeaderboard:SetAsync(player.UserId, tonumber(player.stats.water.Value))
the player.stats.water.Value is just the long string and the WaterLeaderboard is just the OrderedDataStore and the player.UserId is just the key. How would i either stop the error from happening or limit the input to just the 9.233Qn number or whatever the max value the OrderedDataStore can store

is there really no one that can help?