Help to rotate a moving object on its own axis

I need help to rotate an object 360 degrees (it is a helix) but on the axis of the object to which it is welded, I do not know if it can be done with alignorientation and so on, I have no idea the truth, I would like some help.


I am using tweenservice but if there is another method to do it either a constraint or a constraint I would appreciate if you could tell me.


A helix shape usually involves rotating an object about a center point and moving that whole system at a constant speed. There are a lot of ways you could go about making this.

The first method that comes to my mind involves zero scripting. You can make two parts, one acts as the invisible “center point”, and the other part will be the one that moves in the helix shape.

  • First, you weld the two parts together. Make the outside visible part massless so that it gives no opposite reaction to the center part.
  • Second, give the center part a linear velocity that goes in the direction of your helix. You can use a LinearVelocity, set the central part’s velocity when the simulation starts, etc. If you want to involve scripting there are options like tweens, RunService CFrame setting, and more.
  • Third, make the center part rotate as it moves. There are also many ways to do this. You can actually add a third part, have it connected to the center part as a HingeConstraint w/ the motor setting, and then weld the outside part to the hinge part instead of the center part.

This will work for general cases. I hope this helps! If it’s still too confusing I can give more examples.


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