Help tween sizing a part welded with another

Hey guys, I’m making a fancy powerbar and I want it to look slick using this quick design I made, though I have an issue with it.

I want to resize a normal part’s Z to the right (i’m using TweenService) while conserving its position but I have no idea on how to do it. My “resizable”, that part specifically, is welded to a wedge so while I’m enlargening my part the wedge is meant to stay glued to it.

Neither the wedge weld seems to be working with the part when I resize my “sizeable”.

Any help on how can I do it?

I am not sure why you are using a “Part” for that. Usually we will use a billboard gui with the adornee of the billboard gui as the head of the person. Since we can tween those frames in the gui much easier with GuiObject:TweenSize. For guis, there is an option called “ClipDescendants” and “AnchorPoint” which should fix your problem. You can refer to the pages below.

I simply just want to use a model for it? I didn’t want to use UI but parts by preference.

If this is something over your head, I STRONGLY suggest you use UI elements instead of a model. It looks better, and it saves time.

The part’s position is it’s center point, increasing it’s size will expand outwards from it’s center point, you could try moving the position of the part by half the amount you resize it. I’m not sure how to only resize one face but I know that it’s possible.