Help tweening color on custom hotbar gui

So I tried to try a custom hotbar from the toolbox, and when I wanted to make equip and unequip it to Tweening, the equip tweening works fine but when I unequip it doesn’t work, but the output doesn’t show any error
And I’ve tried it on line 327


My Script:




Gui File:

Well, the tweens don’t revert on their own, once they are done playing, that’s what your left with.
You have to reverse the values when you detect they are unequipped.

-- // Values
local BGButtonColor = button.BackgroundColor3
local BGButtonTrans = button.BackgroundTransparency
local GearTextColor = button.GearText.TextColor3
local NumTextColor = button.SlotNumber.TextColor3

-- // Equipped.
	local o1 = TS:Create(button,, {BackgroundColor3 = Color3.fromRGB(0,0,0)})
	local o2 = TS:Create(button,, {BackgroundTransparency = 0.6})
	local o3 = TS:Create(button.GearText,, {TextColor3 = Color3.fromRGB(255,255,255)})
	local o4 = TS:Create(button.SlotNumber,, {TextColor3 = Color3.fromRGB(255,255,255)})

	o1:Play(); o2:Play(); o3:Play(); o4:Play();

-- // Then when they unequipped
	local o1 = TS:Create(button,, {BackgroundColor3 = BGButtonColor})
	local o2 = TS:Create(button,, {BackgroundTransparency = BGButtonTrans})
	local o3 = TS:Create(button.GearText,, {TextColor3 = GearTextColor})
	local o4 = TS:Create(button.SlotNumber,, {TextColor3 = NumTextColor})

	o1:Play(); o2:Play(); o3:Play(); o4:Play();

after I tried your script, it actually makes both not work

nvm, im changed to another hotbar

Dude, did you even link the unequip into the unequipped event and link the equip to the equipped event?
There’s no other way it wouldn’t work.