Help understanding Avatar Importer

Apologies for the super long post, but I’m super confused about animation and avatars.

For some context: I do entirely scripting, and don’t know anything about animation.
The person I’m contracting with to do my animation knows animation but nothing about Roblox. So we’re having trouble getting an animation imported into Studio.

He sent me 2 FBX files which he created with Maya. I tried using the Avatar Importer on them. For the first one, I get this error message:

For the second one, it imports, but has several problems:

  1. It’s absolutely huge. I went and looked at the size of the parts and they are all pretty normal, like 17-20 studs or so, but it renders as like 50-100x the size of a normal avatar.

  2. I can’t animate it. I opened the Animation Editor and clicked Import FBX Animation and I pointed to the same exact FBX that contained the model. Now I get this error:

  3. I don’t know whether I should R15 or Rthro or Rthro Slender. For some context, this is going to be for a pet that walks on all 4s and occasionally transitions into a biped form. Because it’s usually on all 4s, it doesn’t really correspond to any of the diagrams which are always shown standing. So I don’t even know which kind I want. Is there a description of the differences anywhere?

  4. I read the guidelines here. At the top it has Guidelines for R15 rigs but it doesn’t have guidelines for Rthro Rigs. So if I decide I want Rthro, there’s no instructions here about how to create the Model Hierarchy.

  5. I might eventually decide to scrap Humanoid entirely for these pets and go with a custom model and AnimationController. But the Avatar Importer and Animation Editor seem to all assume the animations are going to be associated with a Humanoid. How does animating a non-humanoid work?

Sorry for all the questions, and thanks for reading!

Can’t really help you with your main problem, but FBX files have a severe problem of importing to ridiculous sizes…

You can change this by going to the “Scene” in Blender and going to “Units” and change it to 0.01. Afterwards, you’ll notice that the grid is mostly gone. Go to the “Show Overlays” on the top near the X-ray button and set the “Scale” to 0.01 as well to bring the grid back.

After this, each grid square will equal to 1 stud so you may have to resize your stuff in blender if you want them to have good collisions. It’ll be big in Blender but manageable in Studio.