Help wanted for Medieval game called King's Quest

About Us

So me and a friend are making a game called King’s Quest a combat/action/adventure game and we needed some help as the project is large. We are hoping to recruit multiple people to reduce the workload and make a successful game. We also have a group with 50 members in it.

The Team
@OliZigZagLife - “Boss”
@LolGamer1982 - Project Manager
@OliZigZagLife, @LolGamer1982, - Environment Design
@foxy681864 - Graphic Artist
@interprets - Modeler
@OliZigZagLife - Story Writer
@______ - Scripter
@imaxZulu832 - Builder

About The Job

We are looking for someone who has passion for a project and pay isn’t there primary concern. (Payment will be mention in future but for now is not primary) Though payment is not receive work should be decent quality. Please send reference in some shape or form of something you have created that you think would show your best effort.

Once you begin development try to introduce yourself to the other members of the team the deadline isn’t strict but try to maintain productivity.


The payment isn’t 100% set but if your work was great and made the game successful then payment would be expected.

Approximately payment:
Scripter-Lead Scripter 25-40%
Modeler-Lead Modeler 15-20%
Lead Graphic Artist R$100 per graphic

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: LolGamer#5733

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Okay… So let me get this right. If you deem our work “worthy” and if the game makes a ton of $$$ then you’ll pay us.

If someone contributes to the game, they should be paid even if you don’t think their work was “great” (if it actually isn’t, why hire them in the first place?).

Even if someones work is below average, they most certainly deserve more pay than you as I’m going to assume you have no experience managing a team.

Also, you need to tell us what Kings Quest is actually about.


Sorry for the misconception but what I meant was that if your work got us to featured/popular so we got enough robux to pay our devs then we would pay but the work would be “voluntary” unless a source that will fund us is found.

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You should have percentages setup.

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Thanks for the feedback. Since I am not the “boss” of the project and the “boss” isn’t available I didn’t want to add any numbers but I will now since this will most likely be a popular reply.

Do you have any backup if it fails?

A word of advice is to hold off on naming every title “lead …” and focus on the actual project itself. Sure, some egos may want that title but a title isn’t worth much if you don’t focus on the actual game-play. Hope y’all do well! : )


The payment would be significantly be lowered If the game was an absolute failure but I believe that the game would get enough people to play it so we could pay our developers.

Thanks for the feedback, I have seen you around on the dev forum and you are always giving out great advice!


To what? Are you still paying in %? What if you earn no profit?

Have you worked with any successful games? Any popular ones that earned you profit in the past and may in the future?

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No…that’s why we started a project like this and the “boss” can advertise the game on roblox when it is complete. Thank you for asking these questions though.

How much are you spending on ads?

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Why is the graphic artist getting payments? He/She should just be payed upfront.

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Yo, what’s up LolGamer1982? :wave:

It’s your studio group, and you can do what you want, but I have a suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue:

If the game is an absolute failure, why would the payment be significantly lowered? Assuming that your only pay is percentage there would be no need to decrease the percentage rate.

The only reason that you would decrease the percentage rate is if you think you deserve more - or you want more. I have my doubts about you contributing more than your developers. Honestly, I have to agree with @Kymaraaa:

I also have to agree with @Kymaraaa on this. :stuck_out_tongue:

The payment should be secured; to guarantee this, a contract is usually signed. With these harsh conditions, developers won’t be attracted to this offer. Especially when the developer is unaware of your expectations/standards.

You should share the game’s progress so developers are more aware of expectations/standards.

If I’m going to be honest with you: lots developers prioritize money and the ability to reference the work over the project itself. :grimacing:

I also want to be honest with you here, I wouldn’t expect lots of quality for no payment. :grimacing:

Other than that, I wish you best of luck. :smile:


Wether or not the work expected work you receive from your developers is good or bad, you still paid them what you offered. If they’re commissioning/contracting, the employer can happily stay away from this developer.

If the developer is a part-time developer, and the work s/he produces is not on-standard, the employer can happily fire them (if the contract they made allows them to).

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The only reason why things sound weird is because my boss told me to just surprise him so I didn’t want to fill in absurd answers. Thanks for the feedback!

I would still pay the devs but what I was saying is that the better the work the more payment they get because I believe if the devs put in enough good work then the game will earn more money to pay our devs

Has he made any popular or well earned games?

This game is like the experiment, just because you have had successes before doesn’t mean everything you do will be successful. Thanks for being so concerned with the development of this game. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@foxy681864 could help with GFX! He’s pretty good!

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll check him out soon!

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