[HELP] Weird Blender bug

Hello, I’m a scripter and I’m trying to get into gfx
I have a bug


We can clearly see that there is a texture/mesh bug
anyone know how to fix it?

What I did :
1.Imported my avatar to roblox studio
2.Exported it as OBJ
3.Openning blender
4.Import as obj

Thanks for your time ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Try exporting it as an .fbx file, and importing it as a .fbx file.

Wait how do i export as fbx from roblox?

You have to change the object’s material>settings>blend mode to opaque, right now its using Alpha Blend


God thanks ! It’s been long time I have this problem. I looked for online solutions you’re the only one that gave me a correct fix !
Thanks man

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