[HELP] | What is considered gambling and bannable gamepasses?

Firstly I have a few questions, if you decide to be really helpful and reply could you number which topic you’re talking about so I’m clear - thanks!

In the game show community there is a trend of ‘one use perks’ which can be purchased multiple times. For example if there was a sword fight game and you got eliminated, you could buy GET BACK IN for 100 robux and you would re enter the game (can be purchased unlimited). It looks like this;

Recently someone went around threatening to ban any game show groups with these as it is considered gambling, and just to be clear there isn’t a robux reward, the winner would normally be ranked up in the group.

Is it true this is considered gambling? Is it against the ROBLOX TOS?

The same guy also went around the Game Show community stating that T-Shirt Perks were banned too. This is where you buy a t-shirt and if you own that shirt you would gain perks in the group games such as late pass, extra life etc… which is essentially a gamepass but it is in the group store so it can be used in multiple games.

Is this against the ROBLOX TOS?

If someone could answer please do! To be clear Robux prizes are NOT involved and it is solely to improve the gameplay for those who want it. If you would like more information to help answer the questions feel free to ask below.

Why would this go against TOS In the first place. this clearly ain’t gambling. as far as I’m aware selling dev products such as this is fine.


So doing it without a prize is fine?

If there WAS a robux prize that would only be against the TOS because giveaways aren’t allowed, correct?

Correct, if you sell any dev product thats supposed to give you a reward by chance as far as i’m aware that is against tos. specifically i wonder if those games with the chest spin developer products are against TOS my self.

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What’s a chest spinner? Sorry I don’t know much about this stuff.

It’s just this chest in some games mostly like military games were they have a chest and if you spend robux you might have a chance to get an item.

Gambling is when random number chances are involved to gain a reward through monetization. Examples are case spins where it shows you random things you can win but you will only win one of them through random chance. Just know it involves random chances. Gambling also often has a low chance of even winning good rewards.

Winning things with a random chance without Robux (monetization) is NOT gambling however.

EDIT: Yes, it is allowed. It is not involving random chances.

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So these developer product perks are OK?

Oh ok thanks! So these develop product perks should be OK? Personally I didn’t think they violated anything but I wanted to be sure :+1:

This isn’t considered as gambling at all. It’s just paying in a sense, to allow you to have a second chance. Gambling in the other hand, is a game of chance which Roblox does not allow if you charge robux for it.

From my prospective, Those simple and common perks are allowed by the terms of service.

Thank you so much!! The whole community was disabling all these perks from this one guy and I felt like these weren’t a violation :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what this guy is going on about, but of course sometimes people really don’t understand the rules exactly.

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From my experience, this is used a lot in popular games such like Murder Mystery 2, even Arsenal. Are you saying that those games are breaking TOS? Because if that’s true, I find it hard to believe and I’ll now be confused as ever on the actual definition of gambling.

They are able to earn coins through just playing the game. They are not fully gambling because you don’t have to spend real money to earn coins.

  1. I’m a 100 percent sure this isn’t against ROBLOX ToS. I’ve seen this in multiple games and in many big studios and they aren’t getting banned. Hope it helps

Gambling involving case spins are only against the ToS if there is a chance that you won’t get anything, which is why all of the games involving case spins will force you to get some sort of reward. For example, in Jailbreak if you spin something you already have, you get a currency reward instead, and there are no “empty slots” per say in these case spins.

Please read this post it may help you regarding Roblox and “Gambling”

This will explain the difference between gambling and not gambling.

Not sure if it was answered but even if t-shirt perks aren’t banned, just use developer products again. You can earn so much more from a multiple time purchaseable (like an extra life) than just one time purchase (a t-shirt) that works across all your games.