HELP! Whats good lighting settings for my game?

Does anyone have any good lighting settings I should use for a sword simulator, cartoony style game?

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  • Turning up Lighting.EnvironmentDiffuseScale and Lighting.EnvironmentSpecularScale.
    Here’s a good article.
  • Make lighting shadowmap/voxel. Not compatability.
  • Insert ambience, bloom, and sun rays.
  • Choose the right skybox.
  • Mess with brightness if it’s too bright/dark.
  • Mess with ColorShift_Bottom and ColorShift_Top. They can make a big difference.

Hope this helped.


@Bethink , one of the founders of adopt me, posted this cartoon lighting settings on twitter that i love, here is the link:


This is pretty much a normal question that gets brought up over and over again, it really depends on what kind of setting you’re really looking for. The lighting should match with the overall game from my understanding there isn’t any good or bad lighting a bunch of games use lots of different variation of lighting settings It quite depends on the style you’re trying to achieve.

I would recommend playing around with the color correction, bloom and the objects you can insert into lighting, such as, Ambient, Brightness, ect. You could insert different effects in the lighting tab: You could also play with the other settings in there to get that cartoony approach.