Help! Why was my account given a warning for this?

Hello, my account has recently been given a warning for uploading a shirt that is “inappropriate”. I emailed them and they said they would not lift the warning. Did this shirt break the rules? This is the shirt.


The text might be hard to read because it is small. The OCR the bot uses to analyze might not be able to notice it. Also the basic solid color might make it look like your trying to make a skin color as a bypass. Try and add a texture and some other colors as well as make the text larger with a different font.


Okay, so do you think I should email them again and try and appeal for it?

Try using Moderation Review Request (can’t get link cuz on mobile) to do it. It’s somewhere on the DevForum

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This post doesn’t really belong on the DevForums, I see how you got art help sense its a shirt, but doesn’t belong here.

I assume its because the shirt text is small (so the bot can’t read it, so it thinks it could be a bad word). Plus something I have seen, and what @SpiralRBX said about the color. (Also remember that auto-mod is horrible).

It is just a warning, but if you want, then you could email them to look at it manually and get the warning off your account.


Okay thank you. I think I am going to contact them about it anyway.