Help with a bike and constraints

Since the gear items don’t work particularly well with R15 I thought I’d have a go at making my own bike.

To do this, I’ve converted the motorcycle item into a bike using the bike gear…


This is my current result:

As you can see, the front wheel offset is a tad bit off. So you might be like, “but ben, why not just move the fake-wheel back”. Well you see, when I attempted that…

… we ended up with an interesting looking bike.

My question is, how can I align the front wheel correctly whilst maintaining a normal functioning bike?

Here’s the place file if you’d like to experiment around with it bike creation place.rbxl (70.1 KB)

Physics and constraints are not quite my forte so all the help available is much appreciated.

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Have you tried changing the place where it is rotating? I’m not experienced in Studio or anything. But surely there would be a to move it to where you want it to be?

I had a shot at shifting all the parts connected to the front wheel then re-attaching their welds, however the bike would fall apart after doing so for reasons I can’t work out.

There wouldn’t be a way to anchor the wheel, then somehow make the object go along with the bike as well, would there?

I considered something like that, however the wheel also needs to spin. Doing that would result in a working back-wheel but a static front-wheel.

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Maybe there could be a way to make the front be animated to go forward (and backward, when reversing). When the player and controlling the bike.


I’m obviously late to the game, but for the sake of this article (and future people reading this) I would like to present an answer.

@SBTechh stated that you should try changing the place of rotation, and I totally agree with that. You can use this plugin to create new welds, just make sure you model the old ones (have the same welds). You can make sure the welds are the same by cloning the bike, then comparing the new and old welds. The plugin:

Solve #2:
If that does not work, simply take this bike model, and follow the below instructions:

Step 1: Remove anything named “Part”. These pieces are not neccesary.
Step 2: Symply change the decal on the two “Tire” pieces to suit your bike.
Step 3: Solid model a simple bike frame, customized to fit the existing wheels.
Step 4: Union all of the pieces into one block (For easier handling), and set cancollide to false.
Step 5. Weld that onto the seat, and BOOM, a working bike.

Mine turned out something like this, with fully working controls:

For any more questions, just message or reply. Hopes this helps any future builders, best of luck!


I don’t know if your still taking answers but you can align the front wheel by grouping the following parts;

“Balance Base”
“Wheel Front”
“Wheel Front Fake”

After grouping move them back to the joint and then fix the “Base” to “Holderbase” weld. I personally like using this plugin DWeld - Weld Models - Roblox for welding parts. After that the bike should work.

Note - If you don’t want to do any of that you can just take version of the bike I fixed
Roblox Bike.rbxm (22.5 KB)

Hey! thanks for the file, although the turn does not work well, it gets stuck when turning right.