Help with a rleg command

so, i am trying to make a command that everyone can use, like this /e korblox

and it gives them the korblox leg. I found a similar script just need help.

-- mine here --
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer 
local korblox = player.Character -- don't know what goes there
local msg = player.Chatted
local korbloxmsg = "/e korblox" or "/e korblox "
local krleg = 000000 

if msg == korbloxmsg then 

-- from adoins admin --
		RightLeg = {
			Prefix = Settings.Prefix;
			Commands = {"rleg";"rightleg";"rightlegpackage";};
			Args = {"player";"id";};
			Hidden = false;
			Description = "Change the target player(s)'s Right Leg package";
			Fun = true;
			AdminLevel = "Moderators";
			Function = function(plr,args)
				local id = service.MarketPlace:GetProductInfo(args[2]).AssetTypeId

				if id~=31 then
					error('ID is not a right leg!')

				local model = service.Insert(args[2], true)

				for i,v in pairs(service.GetPlayers(plr,args[1])) do
					if v.Character then 
						Functions.ApplyBodyPart(v.Character, model)
i really don't know how to put the korblox leg, since if it would've been r6 then it would just be named. rightleg, really would like the help!

Okay I don’t know why it sent it without me finishing it, basically, I helped a person with a similar thing with you’re wanting to do related to giving a player the Korblox leg

Basically, from waht I can tell you alreayd have most of the stuff ready, what you just do is get the humanoid description of the player, add the Korblox leg to the humanoid description and apply it to the player