Help with adding weapon selection

i have been trying to to do this for i week now and i cant seem to find the answer. My fps framework is based on

some of my attempts for adding weapon selection to the framework were using remoteFunctions and remote events, but when ever i parent the selected weapon to the frameworks weapon folder it wont equip anymore.

please don’t give me a script i just need an explanation on how i can best tackle this issue.

still not sure if this is the right topic for this so sorry in advance :slight_smile:

Looks like no one has the answer :frowning:

took me a while but i finally solved the problem. posting it here incase anyone wants to do something like this

–this is a server script–

local rep = game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage')
local remots = rep:WaitForChild("weaponRemotes")
local PrimaryWepons = rep:WaitForChild("weapons").primary

local players = {}

local weapons = {

local magCount = 5

local chooseWeapons = rep:WaitForChild("choosenWeapon").Primary:GetDescendants()

remots:WaitForChild("new").OnServerInvoke = function(player)
	if not player.Character then return end
	players[player.UserId] = {}
	local weaponTabel = players[player.UserId]
	weaponTabel.magData = {}
	weaponTabel.weapons = {}
	for index, wepName in pairs(chooseWeapons) do
		if table.find(weapons, wepName.Name) then
			print('found weapons in folder adding to player ')
			local weapon = wepName:Clone()
			local weaponSettings = require(weapon.setttings)
			weaponTabel.weapons[wepName] = {weapon = weapon; settings = weaponSettings}
			weaponTabel.magData[index] = {current = weaponSettings.firing.magCapacity; spaer = weaponSettings.firing.magCapacity * magCount}
			weapon.Parent = PrimaryWepons
	return weapons, weaponTabel.magData