Help with ADS (Aim Down Sights) Viewmodel

I am wanting my “Viewmodel” to lerp to the “Aim Parts” position.

My “ADS” System (Aim Down Sights) Is not working correctly.

I have already read EgoMooses article but, my framework does not work like his does. Mine is different.

Here is a code snippet of my current solution


local AimPart = CurrentWeapon.Weapon.AimPart
NewADSCFrame = CurrentWeapon.PrimaryPart.CFrame:Inverse() * AimPart.CFrame

In theory, the viewmodel should go to the cameras cframe based off of the Aim Part cframe.

Here is a video of what happens.

Someone PLEASE help me with this!

I’m not exactly the best with cframes, but try to change the AimPart.CFrame into a negative