Help with Age Guidelines Setup for Game


I apologise if this is the wrong category, but it seems the best fit according to my problem.

In completing the questionnaire set out by Roblox when your game becomes eligible, I would like to confirm my results for a second opinion. I am creating this topic as I am unsure how stringent Roblox is with users completing a 100% accurate survey and whether the creator will face moderation.

That said, I am fine answering every question on the survey aside from the one on “violence”, which I find challenging:

Violence: Depictions of the act and/or the consequence of intentional, threatened and/or actual, use of physical and/or psychological force against characters and/or players.

Do NOT measure:

  • Non-graphic character death due to accidents.
  • Nonviolent adversarial games.
  • Depictions of natural disasters.
  • Roblox default character reset/death mechanics.

My game contains a “killer” entity that, upon touching another player, the player thereof dies through the default character death mechanic (though kill effects will be considered in the game’s future). In addition, a laser blaster is available for players to fire at the killer, who can die from the said blaster. Therefore, would this entail violence?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thanks for your insight!

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it is comical violence so yea u should mark it as that it has

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