Help with AI Script not working on Blender model (Blender Help)

hello, in my horror game all my old Ai’s were roblox made, now im currently making all of my models in blender, im sculpting them, when i apply my Ai Script to the Blender Model it doesnt work, theres only 1 MeshPart in my blender model which is the whole body, all the bones are kept in them, i need a HumanoidRootPart to make the Ai Work but how would i make that work with my blender model?

yeah you need to apply a humanoid Root part, just make a part name it humanoidRootpart and thats it

but the part wouldnt stay to the Model since it isnt rigged on their

Weld the humanoid via motor6d thats how models work anyway

i welded the humanoidrootpart to the mesh but it still doesnt work