Help With Animating a Weapon

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(I posted this in the wrong place so I came here with the same post)

I come today with a problem that I’ve experienced throughout my time when working with the subject of animating tools with Motor6Ds. Below you can see that when every time I use fade time with the animation, it does this:


You can see I have an idle and a walk animation, (don’t mind how horrible they are), but since I am using fade time with my animations, it fades from the Motor6D it is attached to, which I can see why. I am stuck here and I have not found any solutions besides not using fade time with my animations, which I want to avoid.

I am applying the Part0 of the Motor6D through a server script when the player joins the game, and all works except the animation when fading it in our out.

When I attempt to change the C0 of the Motor6D, it make the animation play in an odd way, because it was animated at the default C0 Motor6Ds are given when put in a part.

I am sorry if this has been posted before, I have not found anything that could help me.

If anyone has any tips or solutions to the problem I’d really appreciate for you to share them! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hmmm, can i see the rig connect the knife with character arm?
Like this, did you move the “connect point” at the good potision yet? It should be between 2 parts

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When you say, move the connect point, do you mean changing the C0? I am new to Motor6Ds so I am sorry if something simple is not clicking to me. I am connecting the handle and the right arm through a script and it automatically places it at the default C0 that Motor6Ds have.

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This is a good post to look into:

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no it’s Pivot point when you rotate it and it bends like R15 body part or as shown in that pic from @OBCBeeDev

you need a plugin to edit the pivot point NOT FROM BETA FEATURES
like RigEdit
but since you manually rig it
that could be a problem because when you set Part 0 and Part 1 it will re-position but i have a solution

I’ll also give a link of auto rig here

Choose main part then the rest of part you want to rig

Thanks a lot! I already had the plugin, but I totally forgot that you could make a motor that would stay no matter what, so now I can use fadetime.