Help with animation stuttering / resetting?

Hey there. I am just recently getting into animations for the first time in a while, and I am having an issue where my animation will stutter and return to the default pose before returning to the looping idle animation.

In the clip I first set the idle AimProne animation to play, before playing the BoltProne animation every 3 seconds. Below I have included the code resposnbile for animation playing. As it shows the animation plays the BoltProne animation, before moving to the default pose and stutters instead of continuing the looping AimProne animation.
AimProne has an animation priority of “Movement”, wheras BoltProne has an animation priority of “Action”

A common issue I see a lot here

Make sure you have the right priority
action is the highest while movement is a lower priority
the other issue is your animation that your calling doesn’t have the same end and beginning keyframe or since the other animation isn’t a looping one it ends