Help With Animations Not Working

Hello My Monster Animations For My Horror Game Aren’t Working.
I Tried Looking Everywhere But I Can’t Find Anything.

Screenshot 2023-03-06 183716

Screenshot 2023-03-06 183910

Also This is a group and the animation owner is the group, The Humanoid Rig Type is R6, The priorities are correct, my game is published, all the animations are looped [like they are supposed to be.]

its a localscript…
copy everything from the animate script and paste it into a Server script (dont forget the stuff inside local script too!)

Like what @OrlenkoDima2011_alt said, copy everything from the localscript, create a serverscript and parent it to the monster, paste the code inside the serverscript and done.

The “Animate” script Is a local script. You’ll need to copy everything from the local script and paste it into a server script to make It play, otherwise It wont work.

Oh my god im so stupid. thanks for the help.

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